Springfield Township Area Residents Take a Stand!

Work Session Meeting June 23 and JEDZ Board Meeting June 24, 2015

Here is the video from this week’s trustee work session meeting. The biggest discussion item in this meeting was SCIP grants that the township is applying for this year for road repairs. They outlined 4 different projects that they would like to complete in the near future, top priority is the resurfacing of Hempstead Dr.

Here is the video from this morning’s JEDZ board meeting. It’s pretty short, all they did was approve minutes from the last meeting and discuss business compliance with the implementation of the new tax. Apparently only about 65% of the businesses in the township are currently in compliance. They also stated that revenues for the first half of the year were higher than expected… Surprised?

Solid Waste District Public Hearing Jun 9, 2015

Here is the video from last week’s solid waste district hearing. They plan to have a similar public hearing next month on July 14 at 5:30pm. Please show up to ask questions if you have any concerns. It looks like this is probably going to move forward and if so the contract with the waste hauler will begin in April 2016. While it does sound like this plan will save residents money, it will eliminate their ability to have a choice in who will provide their solid waste removal service.

Trustee Work Session meeting May 26, 2015

Here is the video from this week’s trustee work session meeting. It looks like this solid waste contract thing is going to happen, they are going to schedule another public hearing about it to inform residents. Not much else eventful happened, the meeting ended with them going into executive session to discuss employee compensation and the possible purchase of property for public use.


Work Session / Public Hearings – March 24, 2015

Yesterday, there was a work session meeting and two public hearings, then the work session reconvened in order for the trustees to vote on some resolutions.  Items discussed were 2015 permanent appropriations, the possibility of creating a solid waste district, and also in part one of the work session meeting the trustees approved a resolution to allow township administrator Mike Hinnenkamp to sign a purchase agreement for a 3.3 acre piece of property on North Bend Rd.  During the work session they did not state how much the property cost, but after the first part of the work session meeting I asked and was told $147,500.  The money for this purchase is coming from the general fund, which saw reductions of 53% over the last few years and the reason our elected officials claimed we needed a JEDZ tax.  They hope to have the property sold within a year and a half, but my question is…  If we are so strapped for cash, why are we getting into the real estate business and purchasing properties?  Please watch the video and draw your own conclusions…

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